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Here’s the truth…

No matter what anyone says, there is no such thing as complete tattoo laser removal with the current technology on the market. However, we can achieve results up to 99% in our studio with ease. Patience is required to achieve such results and it is a commitment between ourselves and our clients. Whether you are seeking definite removal or you just want to lighten your existing tattoo so that it can be covered up, we can help you achieve your goal.

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Here’s the good news

It is only natural for one to want to be happy with their self image and improve one’s self. Once upon a time you thought it was a good idea to get tattooed. Perhaps you still do but now realize you made a mistake in what you got or who you trusted to do it. It is a common story to hear such things from the clients in our industry. Do not despair upon your situation. We can help. There is hope!

We can help you!

Here at element tattoo laser removal we use the gold standard in tattoo removal technology. Our laser removal machine is a Hoya ConBio MedLite c6, which is capable of removing pigment from all spectrums in the color wheel safely and effectively. While there is no such thing as complete tattoo removal, our machine can do more than most. Used in the hands of a professional with industry specific knowledge, we can assure that you will receive the best tattoo removal that money can buy for the best price in town.

We specialize in tattoo removal.

We do not offer or perform any other types of laser procedures. This makes us stand apart from the rest. We are proud to offer this as a service to our community.